How I deal or cope with stress (or finals week)

I’m currently on term break. My deadlines for school assignments went by, not peacefully, I might add. My finals week came and went, leaving a whole lot of brain damage incurred to me and my fellow Uni mates. My last 2-3 weeks of the school trimester consisted of sleepless nights, plain coffee (because I couldn’t take in sugar) and anxiety. People usually do a whole lot of celebrating after their last paper for the trimester, they go out for dinner or they go on a partying frenzy. But not me. Me and my friend went home straight to sleep. Yes, sleep. You see, for the last 2-3 weeks of the school trimester, I have fallen asleep on my desk, on the floor or halfway off the bed and usually only for less than 4 hours. I’m still suffering from the side effects that those weeks have brought onto me. Bad skin, reversed sleeping schedule to name a few. But my family and friends were quite surprised at my calm exterior, of course that is just a facade. They know nothing about the bubbling turmoil underneath. Anyway, these are the few methods that I use to deal/cope with stress during these periods.

1. I take excessive naps. Look, I know I have a deadline to rush for, but my bed is much more enticing.


2. I cry excessively in the middle of the night. Crying helps take the pain away, sometimes.


3. I decide that binge-watching a Netflix series is best done when you do it before an assignment deadline.

4. Of course I will find other things to be more fun than studying or getting some work done. Like for example, doing laundry or cleaning my room.


5. I also sometimes stare out of my window to relieve stress and also wonder what the hell have I done to myself.


But you know, all in all, I can safely say that I survived finals week. I also have a few more other finals week to go through before I’m really done. The path of education may be a hazardous path to some but hey,


In the end, we will all graduate and achieve our dreams. And that is what I am aiming for!
PS: This is how I deal with my own stress based on my own experiences.

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Skills for Days.

Recently, I have become the designated person to fix any problem that happens in the house. WiFi connection is going nuts? Yes, I can fix it. Your laptop going crazy? Okay bring that to me, I’ll figure it out. The TV isn’t working? Okay let me take a look. The lightbulb has exploded? Why don’t I risk my eyeballs and change that for you. I don’t know when I became in charge of fixing the household items, but I was suddenly the designated one. I’m not complaining, I actually do enjoy doing these even though it will bring a bout of stress while I try to figure something out. The satisfaction I get when I manage to get things going again is indescribable!

I am THE ONE that can fix all your problems (God I sound like a bad advertisement)!  

I have discussed this with my father a few times about what skill would be useful for me to possess and add on to my arsenal of other skills that are already in my repertoire. And that is:

CAR MECHANICS (boldened and italicized for dramatic effect)

Why would a girl like me, be interested in getting greasy? HEY IT’S A MAN’S JOB! Lay off meninists, I can do whatever I want, if I put my mind to it. Actually, everyone can do any job, if they put their mind to it. That is the key. Anyway, I digress. The reason I would like to learn car mechanics is simple. Mechanics will be unable to misquote me should I send my car in for repairs, I want to learn how to take a car apart and put it back together and I would actually be able to figure out what the hell is going on with the car.

I feel that car mechanics is actually a good skill for all girls to have. I enjoy following my father to the mechanics whenever we send the car in for it’s monthly maintenance or to even to figure out why the car is making a weird noise. I enjoy seeing mechanics with their torchlights peering into the car’s hood, having a quick discussion and then quickly changing the spoilt part. I want to know what makes a car tick.

I can feel all the girls sighing as they read this, “What a manly skill to have!”. Hey, if I already do the electrical wiring, network configuring, carpentry jobs and etc at home, what’s wrong with adding this skill to my arsenal?

30 unsweetened days.


30 days ago, I decided to undertake the most challenging thing for myself. Everybody who is in close contact with me knows that I have a penchant for sweet things. Not just moderate sweet, but sickeningly sweet things. I can eat several types of cakes, candies, pastries in a whole day. And I realized that it was reaching the point of unhealthy after I noticed that I had been eating chocolate bars, every single day for almost 2 weeks straight. I knew I had to do something about it. So that was when I decided that,

“I must go processed sugar free for a month.”

I decided that for a start, I’m going to stay away from chocolate bars, candy, Nutella/Ovomaltine/peanut butter spreads (cries internally), cakes, pastries, doughnuts, biscuits or cookies any sort of fizzy drinks or just sweet drinks in general. Any coffee or tea that I buy must be plain with no sugar. The thought of coffee without any form of sweetener repulses me but I came to accept it as the days go by. That was just the basic rules that I had set for myself before I went through with it. I read up online before that some people completely cut out white bread and white rice from their diets because those contain sugar too. But I wasn’t ready to part with these 2 staples yet so I just decided to start with the ones that I have been consuming uncontrollably for the past few weeks, or months even. I did my thorough research before I undertook this, like, will I be facing any side effects or what is going to happen to my body. I learnt that it takes 14 days for your body to completely get rid of the sugar in your body. So my body will be going through a sugar withdrawal process. I might feel grumpy, I might feel more tired than usual…. The things listed weren’t music to my ears but I decided to just soldier on because I know that this is one bad habit that I must get rid of for my own sake.

I started my challenge on the 16th of March, the day after I bought 2 packs of green tea Kit Kat (smart) and a bottle of Ovomaltine spread (smart as hell, I never got to taste it and now all of it is gone). My first week of no processed sugars was not pleasant to me. Everyone around me were eating chocolate, drinking milo or even milkshakes! I was miserable, I got to admit. I was also so exhausted all the time (I don’t know if this had anything to do with me not consuming my usual sugary food). All I had was my plain water. I kicked myself internally for starting on this challenge. 2 weeks in, I became even more miserable, there were times where I just wanted to eat chocolate but I knew I shouldn’t. So what did I do? I decided to turn to fruits. Fruits have natural sugar in them and it’s much better for the body! So 2nd week onwards, every time I had the craving for something sweet, I would grab an apple or a banana or even strawberries. I made sure I kept an abundance of fruits in my bedroom to avoid from looking into the fridge and seeing an unhealthy processed sugar option. I was glad to say that my method worked and I even formed a habit of eating fruits all the time. After 2 weeks was over, I was no longer craving for sweets or chocolate! Hey, the guy was right! I guess my sugar withdrawal process was done and now my body had formed the habit of not eating any processed sugar.

My biggest challenge was going to McCafe with my father one day and looking at all the cheesecakes on display. I then decided to look at their drinks menu and realized that the only acceptable drink I could find was tea, or even coffee without sugar. I decided to buy unsweetened coffee and to this day, I am fine with it. Albeit I don’t drink coffee that much, I am trying to turn to tea now instead of coffee.

Today is my 30th day without processed sugar and I’m very glad to have supportive parents and friends who understood why I’m doing this. I remember my best friend and my uni mate who would tell me to walk away when I stare at the dessert case for too long, or even my uni mate (who was formerly a barista) that would help me order unsweetened coffee and lattes because her knowledge of these things far bypasses mine. My boyfriend would encourage me all the time about how great I was doing with my personal challenge. I event started carting around my 1 litre Nalgene bottle wherever I went! I decided to only disclose this to only 6 people in my life because I did not want anybody else to know until I succeeded. And today, I am so proud of myself that I decided to write a post about it. Because I know how hard this challenge was for myself.

“So what’s next after this? Are you going to binge eat sugar until you puke?”

No, I’m still going to stay off processed sugar, and might gradually upgrade to cutting out white bread and white rice out of my life. I know that is going to be harder for me but the least I can do is to try. I had my first taste of bread and jam today after what seemed like forever and let me tell you, halfway into it, I felt like puking and I started having a terrible headache. I guess my body doesn’t need processed sugar anymore. My message is that, if someone like me who loves sugar so much, can do this, everyone else could do it too. Sure you have to go through hurdles but like I said, the least you could do is to try. My next challenge after this would be to cut out fast food for a month and I’m starting it on Monday (I like to start things on Mondays). I will let you guys know what happens!

PS: Not everyone’s reactions to cutting out sugar will be the same as mine, make sure to monitor yourself every single day if you decide to do the same thing as me! Also, my facts may not be right as I’m not a nutritionist. All of these are from my own experience.

Today, Singapore wakes with a heavy heart.

I woke up as per usual today but I felt that something was amiss. My mom, who was getting ready to go to work, told me the bad news. Our former Prime Minister has passed at 3:15am this morning. A national state of mourning has been declared with our flags flying at half mast.

Lee Kuan Yew, our founding father passed at the age of 91. He has built this country up from the third world country that it was into a bustling metropolitan city that it is now. Whenever I travel, I’m surprised when someone mentions to me “Oh! You’re from Singapore? You’re so lucky that you get to live in such a safe and great country.”. It never really occurred to me how lucky we Singaporeans are. I could easily walk out of my house at any time of the night and not get mugged or shot. I can walk around with ease, without having to look over my shoulder. The comfort that I am living in now, I owe it all to him.

Lee Kuan Yew was a visionary. He had a vision of what Singapore could be and he made it as per his vision. He sacrificed his entire life to the building of our nation. Whatever bad things he may have done, let us just forget it for a second. Think of him as a human being. He was a husband, a father and a grandfather. Thank you for everything Sir, we will miss seeing you in the stands when we celebrate our country’s independence.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew, 50 years ago, you cried for us.
50 years forward, we now cry for you.



(Will do a proper update tomorrow!)

Love, in my own words.

Love-Wallpaper-love-4187720-1920-1200I’m pretty sure love has a different meaning to everyone. For some, it’s putting the needs of someone else above yours. Or maybe it could be centering someone else around your world. When we were younger, the only love we knew was for our family and our pets, or even the occasional person who would buy us ice cream and whatever we wanted. Whatever it is, everyone has different meaning regarding the concept of love. But what does love mean to me?

For me, love is the colour of my blood. Red and warm, coursing through my veins. Love is also the colour red, the colour of passion. Love is the smell of freshly bloomed flowers in the spring time, when their petals begin to open up and the bees start busying themselves with the collection of nectar. Love is the colour of the sky, sometimes it’s blue, sometimes it’s dark grey and sometimes it is a mixture of different purple and pink and orange shades that makes you take multiple pictures while you stand there in awe.Love is in every breath that you take, filling your lungs with joy. Love gives you courage and strength, no matter who the love comes from.

Love comes in many different shapes and sizes, and that is what love means to me.

Leaving the nest


It is funny how this came up as a daily prompt for me today. I have been thinking of “leaving the nest”, as they say, and relocating to another country. But of course, before actually deciding to stay in the chosen country, I feel like I should stay there for at least a year to see how I would feel about it. The thought of relocating has been lingering at the back of my mind for the past few years, but it has entirely consumed me in the past few months. My choice location would be the United Kingdom.

Now, if you say, “Oh but the UK is a really general place. Have you thought of the exact location you want to be staying in?”

Well, as a matter of fact, I have. I’ve currently narrowed it down to a single location and that is London. Why London? Well, I grew up in the city and I am from a city so I thought that London would be the perfect fit for me and it would allow me to settle down easier. But I made it clear to myself that I should not stay in one place, pretty sure that my next location would be somewhere else in the United Kingdom. Or maybe even go as far as Germany. 

We’ll see, for now I can just plan things in my head.

Daily Prompt: Too Big To Fail


I would want to take a year off from my studies and travel the world.

And no, not just country hop around aimlessly. I want to travel and immerse myself in the hundreds of different cultures. I want to eat the curry in India and sleep under the stars in the Sahara desert. I want to party it up in Ibiza and eat fresh grilled seafood in Greece. I want to watch soccer in London and ride camels through the desert in Egypt. I want to visit the Colosseum in Rome and eat hummus in Morocco. I want to eat paella in Spain and snack on brigadeiros in Brazil. I want to explore the Fiji Islands and do volunteer work in Peru. I just want to see how other people and cultures live their lives every day without having to pay an obscene amount of money just to fly over.

Maybe this could be a plan for another time, but for now, this is what I want to do if I was guaranteed that I would not fail.

(Short note: Apologies for the short post, it’s almost 1100pm here and I have classes tomorrow. Will post a longer one next time!)