Daily Prompt: Just A Dream…

Nightmares are second to none whenever I’m in a stressful period of my life. Every time I over think, I get haunted by nightmares when I lay my head on my pillow for the night. It ranges from losing someone dear to me, to failing all my classes or maybe dying in the most horrific way possible. Sometimes, no matter how much you pray for your demons to leave you alone for the night, they always find a way to sneak into your subconscious when you are the most vulnerable.

I had a nightmare one night.

I dreamt that I was running down, what seemed like a never ending hallway. The hallway stretched on and on and on as if its sole purpose was to make me feel hopeless in ever getting out. At the end of the hallway I see 3 bright lights but I can never seem to get to them. That dream will always come to a point where I would trip and fall and a dark shadow would loom over me from the back in which I would wake up violently thrashing about with my body drenched in sweat. These dreams feel real to me. That particular night, I managed to reach the end of the hallway and was faced with three different doors. There was a cloaked figure waiting for me when I reached the end. A soft, childlike voice emanated from the cloaked figure,

“You have to choose a door, but choose wisely for it is something that you would have to live with for the rest of your life.”

The cloaked figure would tell me no more and simply vanished into thin air, leaving me alone and gasping for air in front of the three doors. The walls behind me began to close in on me with such urgency. I panicked, thinking that I had all the time in the world to choose between the three. I could feel the space closing in on me as my mind began to race and tried to come to a decision.

“What if the middle door led me to home? I mean, the middle door is always the most obvious choice isn’t it? But what if it’s the door to the left?” I talked loudly to myself over the grinding gears of the wall closing in on me.

I decided to take a chance and pulled the middle door open, deciding to believe in my theory. A bright light blinded me for a moment as I stepped through the doorway. As the light slowly faded and my eyes adjusted, I could see in front of me, my home. But there was something wrong with the picture here. My home was burnt to the ground, my family nowhere to be seen. I slowly looked around. I was standing in the middle of an apocalyptic wasteland. I spotted a pile of bodies and walked towards it. I let out a scream as I realized that they were my family members, their glassy eyes staring up into the grey sky, never to see again. The same childlike voice I heard earlier whispered in my ear,

“You should have chosen the door on the left. You would have been back home safely with your family, alive.” and let out a screeching laugh which made my hair stand.

I then woke up, violently thrashing about and drenched in sweat. I’m safe in my bed, it was just a nightmare. But the image of my family would never be wiped out from my memory. Ever. But it was just a dream.

Why am I here?


Who am I? That’s not really a simple question. I can answer it with a short story or I can answer it with a long story. To make it easier, let’s start off with my name. My name is Nabilah and I’m a 23 year old undergraduate. I live in the tiniest country that nobody can find it on the map and it’s called Singapore. Reading, writing and decorating are a few examples of what I like to do.

Talking about myself is definitely NOT my forte but I can tell you that I laugh at the slightest thing. I tend to find amusement at everything in life but I am serious when need be. I blog for my own fun, to record my daily happenings and to be able to read back on my life. Looking forward to my next topic tomorrow!