Pre Finals Feelings


My first paper for my finals commences tomorrow and let me tell you, I am not happily skipping around. I’ve been feeling a mix of emotions throughout the day. First emotion I gave off was a non-commital grunt which in my dictionary means denial. And then, throughout the day, a myriad of emotions passed through my body which really gave me some sort of a nervous breakdown. (I ended up listening to this really sad and emotional song whilst sitting in the middle of my darkened room with rain pouring outside and sobbing my eyes out.)

But as the saying goes, “You must believe in yourself”. I believe that all these will pass and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. HA, who am I kidding. I’ll probably have another nervous breakdown in a few minutes too.

The only thing I’m looking forward to is for my best mate’s wedding tomorrow after my paper in which I am her bridesmaid. YAY!

5 Ways To Be A Happier You


1. Appreciate everything around you

Show appreciation for the life that was gifted to you by being grateful. Know that you have the power to change your surroundings.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

The more you surround yourself with happy and positive people, the more you begin to have a more positive outlook on life. Get rid of the negativity and embrace the positivity.

3. Laugh!

Laugh, ALOT! Laughing lifts your spirits and also others around you!

4. Love everyone unconditionally

I mean it. Love everyone with a full heart, no halfsies!

5. Forgive people who have wronged you

Let go of the past, whatever is in the past stays in the past. No use bringing leftover resentment into the present and possibly the future.

Happiness is a choice, you can choose to be happy or you can choose to be miserable all your life. Whatever your choices are, I know I choose and want to be happy. Believe in yourself and nothing is impossible! ;)

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale [no spoilers I swear]


Is anyone here a huge Pretty Little Liars fan like I am?

If yes, can I PLEASE talk about the Season 4 finale?! A myriad of emotions ran through me just now while I was watching the season finale. Confusion, followed by shock, followed by curiousity, followed by a sense of wonderment and finally shock again. Really guys, you do not play with my emotions like that and leave me hanging!! In my opinion, this might just be the best episode of Pretty Little Liars to date. What do you guys think about this recent episode?

I am now going to calm myself down from the feels and wait impatiently till the new season premieres, which is in June. Thanks producers.

Student Life



I have been absolutely SWAMPED with projects and assignments for the past few weeks. Migraines have been bothering me on and off for the few weeks, I haven’t had enough sleep, I am depending too much on coffee and all I want to do is sleep. This Wednesday is the day where I am finally handing up my group report and doing my group presentation (hopefully my group is one of the first few) and I am assignment free! But then again, finals are coming so there’s no such thing as being “free”.

Well you know what? After I hand in that group report, I’m going to sleep the whole bloody day and start studying for finals the day after. Nobody told me that you have to sacrifice sleep when you’re a Uni student, it’s no wonder we’re all going nuts.

Lately I have been….

2014-02-12 10.52.25

Reading: The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult (more like listening to an audiobook of it)

Listening: Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood

Watching: NCIS, Pretty Little Liars (always) and The Big Bang Theory :D

Eating: Any dish with chicken in it

Enjoying: The sunny days although it can get a little too hot at times

Looking forward to: Project submissions day so all these burden can be lifted off my shoulders! Hurrah!

[SUPER BACKDATED] Krabi Trip 2013

This is a SUPER, backdated post. I only got around to posting up the pictures from my Krabi trip now because there was over 1000+ pictures for me to scrutinize at and edit. So far, these few are my favourites. The trip to Krabi was wonderful, it was like paradise. Albeit all the super cheap food and the majestic views, the trip was really worth the money in my opinion.

I went there for 4 days 3nights and in my honest opinion, it is NOT ENOUGH. The next time I am going there, I’m gonna stay there for more than a week! Probably 12 days so I can explore all the beautiful islands that Thailand has to offer. I love the idea of living by the beach and am hoping that will come true. Although in Singapore, it is very impossible to own a beach house unless you are a millionaire. The resort that I stayed in is called Peace Laguna Resort and Spa which is on the main road of Ao Nang and a mere 5 minute walk away to the beach. I was seriously very pleased with the location of the resort as it was very accessible to alot of different restaurants which were all selling super cheap food! On the 2nd day of the trip, I went island hopping and seriously, I was SO stunned with the crystal blue waters. I also jumped from a speed boat for the very first time in my life, something which I though that I will never get to do. So that’s one thing to check off my bucket list!

DSC_0012This was the view for 4 days that greeted me everytime I stepped out onto the balcony of the resort.

DSC_0015They even provided us with 2 deck chairs!

DSC_0030Another view of the backdrop of the resort.

DSC_0035Yes, a tsunami evacuation notice since we were so near to the beach.

DSC_0052Waiting for our Pad Thai, super cheap and super good!

DSC_0060Their infamous night market (which I think wasn’t all that, I only loved their coconut ice cream).

DSC_0110 copy2nd day: Waiting for our ride to the meeting point to start our island hopping adventure! This was one of the supersized tuk tuk!

DSC_0127Heading towards the speedboats and was greeted by this majestic view of the beach.

DSC_0153First stop was Bamboo Island! (please note the super blue water, in awe everyone??)

DSC_0157Cliche picture of my feet in water.


DSC_0170The beach was littered with corals and shells!



DSC_0268Thailand is full of these amazing rock formations which provides a majestic back drop against the crystal blue water.



DSC_0303Another cliche feet-in-the-water shot again.

DSC_0352Phi Phi Don, which was hit by the 2004 tsunami. The community is still rebuilding and you can see that all the buildings are relatively new.




I am itching to go back to Krabi for my 22nd birthday this year.The question I constantly ask myself is, WHY THE HELL NOT?